‘Dear Scotty’: Australian celebrities, bushfire survivors urge PM Morrison to cut carbon pollution and prevent another tragedy.

Briefed by Greenpeace Australia we created what many would call an ‘intervention’ with the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison.

A swathe of Australian actors, musicians, athletes, and bushfire survivors are urging the prime minister to sever ties with the coal industry and embrace clean energy to ease the climate crisis and prevent a repeat of this summer’s unprecedented bushfires.

Over the past six months, Australians have felt the devastation that comes from failing to act on the climate crisis – 17 million hectares of our country have burnt, over a billion animals have perished, and the tragic loss of life and property is immeasurable.

This is the cost of doing nothing: an ecological and economic disaster for a badly damaged Australia that continues burning coal and fossil fuels as it falls behind the rest of the world.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison still has no credible emissions or energy policy and tried to shift the blame to others, but Australians will not allow him to ignore the reality of the climate emergency any longer.

You can get involved by:

  • Visiting dearscotty.com and writing your own letter to the PM
  • Posting your own message to our Prime Minister and include the below tags.


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