To mark the release of the new Pride 2020 Collection, Levi’s® Australia launched the ‘Use Your Voice’ campaign that celebrates the power of voice and how it can both unify and liberate.



Created by Monster Children Creative and directed by Cloudy Rhodes, the campaign celebrates youthful LGBTQIA+ voices in a manner that is both inspiring and intimate which falls under the brand’s global ‘Use Your Voice’ creative platform.

Told through young Australian voices that weave through moments of love, self-expression and friendship the film emphasizes the power of voice and how it can have a profound impact, influence change and shape the world around you — everyone has a voice, everyone has a story to share, it’s a matter of letting your voice be heard.

Trent Bos, Levi’s® Head of Marketing for Australia and New Zealand stands proud because “Levi’s® puts people over profit, and that’s how we’ve run our business since day one. For this year’s Pride, we’re creating space for one single message to prevail: USE YOUR VOICE! It’s a culmination of decades spent working toward social equality and justice.”

Director Cloudy Rhodes, said the project was a personal one. “Jobs like this are rare and when you get them its such an opportunity to do something beautiful and important. Directing Use Your Voice was such a special thing for me. To make a spot that celebrates diversity and gives voice to young queer / non-binary kids is a dream. The process of making the film was so fun and collaborative we shot on 16mm which just adds a raw beauty.”