A celebration of whiskey, beer, live music and mates coming together.

Monster Children were tasked with delivering a consumer-facing activation for Jameson Whiskey with supporting content and media strategy in late 2018. Enter JJ’s Place, a one-day festival of whiskey, live music and food across four events in Sydney and Melbourne.

JJ’s Place was the first consumer-facing activation that the Jameson brand had undertaken in Australia. From concept to execution, Monster Children curated the lineup of artists, developed a custom micro-site and digital entry mechanic, produced pre-promotional and event content, arranged product collaborations, worked with leading Jameson venues to create pop-ups for Frankie’s Pizza By The Slice, Continental Deli and Leonards House of Love, and led the media strategy with Jameson’s media agency.

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Thousands of consumers attended the custom-built, free ‘micro-festival’ over two weekends in Sydney and Melbourne, indulging in whiskey tastings, food stalls and customised bars, and a tightly curated lineup of Aussie bands that included Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, The Gooch Palms, The Delta Riggs, Sloan Peterson, Dead City Ruins, Bec Sandridge, Bitch Diesel and more.

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