Pushing the limits of photography in Japan with Canon.

How do you put a new camera to the ultimate test? That was the question Canon Australia posed to Monster Children Creative when they enlisted us to create a campaign around the launch of their groundbreaking new EOS R camera system.

We decided that the camera would be placed in the hands of five Canon photographers, all with varied styles and backgrounds, to capture world-class images of their choosing. The catch? They had 24 hours to learn the camera’s new features and functionality before hitting the streets in Japan, with the added challenge of having to capture unique and unconventional aspects of Japanese life, before passing the camera on to the next photographer.

The aim was to put experienced photographers in situations outside of their comfort zones, with fresh equipment to see how they could push the boundaries of their tried and tested methods of photography.

And the results? We produced a campaign that not only inspired photography enthusiasts and professionals alike, but educated them on the EOS R lens and camera, its functionalities, and what’s possible to create and capture when using the revolutionary new system. This was showcased through a hero launch film and a five-part video content series on the photographers and their experience with the camera, along with accompanying hero campaign stills and product editorial for monsterchildren.com.

Director: Chris Searl
Producer: Jam Hassan
DOP: Sam Brumby
Assistant Producer: Rip Zinger
Additional cinematography: Jam Hassan
Editor: Lincoln Caplice
Canon team: Brendan Maher, Lisa Walker, Lucas Townsend
Colourist: Matt Fezz
Design direction: Matt Pike
Sound engineer: Tim Bridge (Sonar Music)
Sound producer: Sophie Haydon (Sonar Music)
Sound Assistant: Haylee Poppi (Sonar Music)
Music composition: Fait
Music production: Nadine Riezouw (Gaga Records)