We’ve made an entire clothing range with Globe, and it’s pretty much the only thing you’ll have to wear from now until eternity.

We know what we like, and like what we know when it comes to threads. We’re not ones to stand out when it’s unnecessary to do so, and this is our uniform. Now black’s our go to, but wearing nothing but black means you run the risk of looking like a stagehand; no one aspires to work in the wings.

For this latest venture, we’ve partnered with our friends at Globe. One of the few brands in our world who’s stayed afloat by doing the simple things well and not diluting their brand to the point of sprouting holes and sinking the ship, Globe’s been a worthy partner.

See the range right here.

MC_Globe_Fireworks_0181 MC_Globe_Fireworks_0237 MC_Globe_Fireworks_0440 MC_Globe_Fireworks_0561